Too Many Choices! I’m Stuck!

At this point, if you have been sorting through the various alternatives that will lead you to doing more of what you love, you will likely have several solid candidates. Using your personal values as the filter has lent accuracy and credibility to each…but you’re stuck!

Randomly moving between the choices will only serve to confuse the process and, depending on your energy and mood, you will see the same choice in different light on a different day. Yikes!

Try the ‘reverse’ approach.

Recently, a friend moved from a larger to a smaller home. She had been a lifelong collector of art and was struggling where to put the individual pieces – largely because there was no way there was enough wall space for everything in the new home. Something had to go…but what?

The reality is that, when confronted with more choices, the brain struggles to make decisions. An effective process of elimination will make the difference. The difficulty for my friend was that she started with her favourite pieces and worked down. Since she was fond of most of the work, eliminating anything became very problematic.

I suggested she start by eliminating the pieces that, under no circumstances, would work in the new house. Size shape and color scheme were actually quite easy ways to rule out pieces that could not practically  and appropriately fit in the new home. She actually ruled out 2/3 of the art work.

What she had left were not only beautiful pieces, it was easy to find a place in the new home. Unstuck!
The same process works when looking at alternatives for new directions in your life. You may want to do all of them – and maybe you can some day – but right now, which are the ones that just won’t work? Once those have been  set aside, the choices left behind will make it simpler and easier to decide where to begin the transition to doing more of what you love.

If this doesn’t, call your coach!