Positive behaviour change begins with self awareness. Learn more about yourself and how to relate this knowledge to your personal and professional life. Here are the assessments available:
Personal Style Indicator
This assessment helps you discover your natural preferences towards time, people, tasks, and situations. You will identify your specific PSI style pattern(s), which will help you to instantly understand your strengths and potential challenges so you can be more effective at work and at home. 

Values Preference Indicator
Leaders make wise yet surprisingly quick decisions. How? They know their Core Values beforehand. When you understand what your values are, confusion disappears and inner clarity develops. This assessment identifies those core values. When you know someone else’s Core Values and can match them with your own, you can build trust and understanding. You may have the right person for the right job; now can you TRUST him or her? Find out how much. 

Job Style Indicator
How much does it cost to put the right person into the wrong job? The training, the upheaval in the office, and the stress of firing someone makes the Job Style Indicator priceless! Identify the right job for the right person the FIRST TIME! 

Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator
Do you or your clients want to start a business or improve your effectiveness in your current venture? Are you clear about your entrepreneurial strengths and your thought processes, compared to other successful entrepreneurs? Do you know that 75% of small business startups go out of business within the first 5 years and 92% go out of business by year 10? Do you want to increase your chances of success? If your answer is 'yes', the Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator is for you! 

Learning Style Indicator
How do you feel when you understand something totally new? Imagine your children, clients, employees, or yourself learning anything with ease. The Learning Style Indicator addresses the way people learn. 

Instructional Style Indicator
When you are in front of an audience or class, how do you teach to the various individuals? The Instructional Style Indicator identifies your preferred teaching style. Learn flexibility in instructional styles to ensure that all participants get the most from the session. STOP frustrating your students and participants and become the instructor you’ve always dreamed you could be! 

Stress Indicator and Health Planner
Stress and Health are two topics that affect everyone. The Stress Indicator and Health Planner assesses your current level of stress and health. Use it to understand how to enhance overall well-being, manage stress, and improve performance. 

Self-Worth Inventory
Are you proud of yourself? Dr. Nathaniel Brandon, pioneer in self-esteem, determined that our Self-Worth was a much greater identifier of our future Net-Worth and quality of life. The way we think and feel about ourselves is projected into everything we do. It flows out in our communication to everyone we meet. The Self-Worth Inventory empowers you to understand and develop your self-worth.  

Leadership Skills Inventory
Effective and successful leadership is not an accident. It requires specific and measurable leadership skills. Organizations, teams, and families are always a reflection of the competence of the individuals leading them. This assessment provides leaders with the necessary metrics to develop their transformational leadership.