To Do More Of What You Love, Start With A Map

Once a person is seriously engaged in changing their lives to do more of what they love, it becomes quite apparent that there are many moving parts to the process. The various elements are diverse, often unclear, and sometimes actually compete with one another. Organizing this wide array of information is an imposing task and this is the step where many people give up in confusion or frustration.

Fear not, my friends, there is definitely a way!

When I decided to start a coaching practice, there was a variety of critical elements to address for me to launch my business: coach training and certification, financial aspects – both personal and business, marketing plan, tools and assessments, physical location, professional affiliations to name a few.

That’s when I discovered mind mapping. Starting with the central point naming the goal (become a coach), each of the critical elements has its own stream, with its own elements related to it. Once complete, the map gives you a visual image of your entire project and allows you to create the individual action steps to complete each piece. Mind mapping is the creation of Tony Buzan and his website provides a great explanation of the process. If you want to test another version, a free version of mind mapping can be found here.

Of course, if you are still stuck, you can call your coach!