Developing Individuals

Develop engaged, productive staff and effective leaders through one-on-one coaching.

Executive Coaching
Charley Hampton Coaching offers one-on-one, confidential coaching sessions to help you build on your strengths, become more confident, set clear goals, develop more effective and productive working relationships, deal with conflict, manage stress and improve work-life balance. Our coaching process consists of a series of regular meetings between the coach and individual, typically lasting 1 or 2 hours.

Designed for: Executives and professionals who want to achieve their full potential.

Leadership Development
Learn how to lead more effectively today and prepare for leadership challenges of the future. Coach Charley will help you to confidently develop your leadership skills and map out your road to success.

Designed for: Leaders preparing for succession, family business transition and/or larger roles ahead.

Performance Coaching
Performance coaching is an essential management tool and technique used to enable employees to operate at their full potential and to enhance their performance and productivity.

Designed for: Managers and supervisors who want to learn how to motivate and improve the performance of their employees. Performance issues cannot always be resolved by the manager or supervisor alone. A coach can work with both the employee and their supervisor to resolve issues and move forward. Retaining existing employees with a renewed outlook is proven to be much more cost effective than letting them go and starting over with a new hire.