The Trapeze Of Life

However we define our existing life – how we separate the meaningful aspects from the stressful, the wasteful from the productive – results in how we feel about our daily existence. Within the complexity of an individual’s existence – often cleverly hidden and obscure – are activities that we truly love. Sometimes we don’t know they are present until they are gone; often we forge ahead randomly looking, hope we will come across something to do that we love.Typically, we don’t have a strategy to identify and maximize doing the things we love in our lives.

This inner world of ambiguity becomes our comfort zone – something we become so accustomed to that it becomes ‘normal’. The more ‘normal’ it becomes, the more elusive doing more of what we love becomes.

Doing more of what you love in your life is great theory and no one I have met ever argues that it is not possible. The struggle comes with the attempt to change from a life where doing what you love is buried deep within a more complex life to a life where doing what you love becomes a priority, around which all other necessary activities take a back seat. It’s kind of like swinging on a trapeze…

Think of your existing life, with all it’s challenges and wonder, all it’s demands and stresses, all it’s joy and learning as a trapeze bar that you are gripping, swinging back and forth over a safety net. Over time, you get pretty good at it and with increased skill comes comfort. It becomes ‘normal’.

In the distance, is a second trapeze bar – swinging but empty. It represents a life with focuses on doing what you love first and most. Unfortunately to get there, you have to let go of the first one and travel through the air to grab the second one. And…there is no safety net.

Personal transformation of any kind is this scary! Once committed, at some point in a transformational journey, you will encounter the feeling of being between bars with no net!

How to deal with this? Follow this blog over the next month or call your coach!