Happiness Is An Inside Job

Many of us look for external ways to impact happiness in our lives. To either bring more happiness or maintain the happiness we have, we look to things, experiences or other people to be the catalyst that creates happiness.

Typically, the happiness derived from external sources is fleeting and fades over time. As feelings of happiness dissolve, we head off in search of ‘more’ or ‘new’ or ‘different,’ to return us to happiness.

This process gets pretty exhausting after a while.

The reality is that feeling we associate with happiness come from inside. The connection between what is going on for us and how we feel about it is a choice. The choice we make is informed by an array of factors including our beliefs, experiences, judgments and expectations.

Managing the reality of our experiences – most of which are beyond our control - is a task fraught with unpredictability. Yet, out of this unpredictability we hope to create and maintain our happiness.

I call this the happiness lottery. You have about as much chance of successfully achieving happiness as you do winning 649!

There is, of course, another way.

By understanding the connection between what comes into your life and how you deal with it, you can directly have a positive influence on you personal happiness. Translating that understanding into effective happiness inducing actions can be within your power.

There are tons of great resources available to support you in making this shift - books, videos, blogs, workshops, retreats, teachers, and more - many of which are low or no cast. The problem with so many choices is that identifying a starting place is almost overwhelming.

Your coach can help you sort through the alternatives and create a plan that fits your personal happiness needs.