Fear The Status Quo

No matter how happy you feel, there is always room for more. We all have unrealized potential. The interesting aspect of this is that most of us become complacent and ultimately accept ‘how it is’.

Acceptance of the status quo is false security. Maintaining status quo sets us up for slow erosion of our sense of wellbeing and ability to deal with the unexpected difficulties that arise in anyone’s life.

The place to start is with awareness – awareness of what happiness feels like and, more importantly, what fuels the happiness in our lives. Equally important is awareness of what impacts our happiness negatively.

Awareness is an element of mental activity. Shakespeare once wrote ‘there is no good or bad but thinking makes it so’. We think ourselves into whatever mood we are experiencing. Happiness or contentment or equanimity are all positive states of mind and are all within our grasp.

Armed with intention and the tools to use, anyone can tap into their unrealized potential.

Seem unrealistic? Perhaps your coach can get you started!